Gold Hauben Chips, 2119

Performance from Karin Schmid.

Made with the assistance of Manuela Gruber and Reini Zach


Created for the exhibition 'El Dorado (ob der Enns)' curated by Julia Stoff and Martin Heller

in the Wunderkammer Oberösterreich, OK im OÖ Kulturquartier. Linz, Austria, December 2019 - March 2020.

Gold Hauben Chips, 2119 is a short film, created for the exhibition 'El Dorado (ob der Enns)' curated by Julia Stoff and Martin Heller in the Wunderkammer Oberösterreich. The exhibition was a sensitive constellation of works, created to playfully explore notions of gold and wealth connected to Upper Austria.


At its centre, the exhibition featured a large collection of Gold Hauben, which are hats made of woven gold traditionally worn by married women of a certain wealth and status on Sundays for religious occassions connected to the Catholic Church. These items have a complex history that can be traced back before the Second World War and have connotations that are not wholly negative, linking as they do to folk traditions and local community.

InstallationView_c_Otto Saxinger_net.jpg
InstallationView_ GoldHauben_c_Otto Saxi

Installation view of Gold Hauben Chips, 2019

with additional element, a glowing bag of GHCs,

and the collection of Gold Hauben from the exhibition

'El Dorado (ob der Enns)' ©Otto Saxinger 2019

Bunn, making use of his incomplete cultural knowledge and status as a migrant, spun his vision of the future through a simplified, outsider understanding of the Gold Hauben. He wove these ideas together with his grasp on emerging technological possibility in order to create the Gold Hauben Chips, an implant given to every citizen of his fictional, futuristic Austrian Federal Sponge of 2119.

In this fictional, socialist space, the Gold Hauben Chips (GHCs) represent a sharing of wealth across all peoples of a region, indescriminately. Their function allows each user to understand every language (yes, Douglas Adam's Babelfish was certainly an infleunce, as were Bunn's struggles with the German language) and connects them to the various networks of the Sponge, allowing them to find housing, food and work that is offered based on their skills and social needs.

This combination of ideas was employed by Bunn as a part of his ongoing attempts to imagine a fictional, eutopian future world where 'the shared' can be combined with facets of the modern world, from globalisation to technological advancement, in order to create spaces of fairness, happiness, equality and environmental balance. (just the smal things)

Local newspaper Tips (13.12.2019) described Bunn's idea as cheeky: 'Eine freche Idee hatte auch Sam Bann: Er entwickelte mit „Gold Hauben Chips“ ein utopisches Szenario, sie der Reichtum der Goldhauben neu und zum Nutzen aller angewendet werden könne.'