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Sam Bunn, born 1978, is a Linz based British artist and educator, working between installation, performance and film to create experiments, iterations and prototypes, often in collaboration with others.


For the last few years his practice has been focused on imagining and creating more positive, shared futures across various popular mediums. His article, Delineating the Missing Film Genre: Eutopia, which can be seen as a manifesto of sorts, can be found here.


Bunn is currently working on a computer game, a sitcom and some short stories. He is also itching to get back to more undirected ways of working.

Serious additional and continuous thanks here to Kathi and Solomon, and to my mum, Carol, and dad, Tim, for their continuing support and engagement x x x x

'If there were to be an over-riding handle for all the works, such that you could grab them and find out what they all had to do with one another, then that handle would be a container. All the works attempt to contain something.' KittenFace, 1975

'An adventurer in the art realm. Smallness, bigness, grandness of intent, minimal insertion, twattery. Bunn is exploring the possibilities of what art can, is and should be allowed to do.' Steven Sieben, 2007

'Bunn is often heard to declare with great enthusiasm: "We are living in the future!" And then more queitly to mutter, "Technologically at least." He goes on... "All of the dreams of my 1980's childhood and more are come to pass, in mindblowing ways. Yet my (e)utopian ideals are not realized and I feel totally unempowered to affect this situation. Sometimes I think we are getting closer. Sometimes further away. And of course I'm trying not to be scared by big issues like global catastrophe etc., but I am scared. And of course I'm as distracted by my own individuality as we all are.' The Obvservation Lounge, 2013

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