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The Ghost on the Stairs E.P.

Ricklungsgarden, Saxness, Sweden, 2013.

Bunn and Kathi Lackner had the great fortune to spend 20 days just inside the Arctic circle, in the one time residence of a semi-famous Swedish artist and his wife, who also painted in her later years. Having carefully built a scale model of the staircase in the house, which took up a significant position within their dwelling space (the real staircase not the model), Bunn took the opportunity to flex his video making muscles, and produced a 21 minute 26 second video detailing their stay there.

The completed film mixes several stylistic strands together to tell a personal, historical story with expressive tones. As the E.P. in the titles suggests, there are also songs. Important for Bunn was the discovery that one's own creations can function like found objects when given enough distance and the right level of respect : disrespect. This constant reappraisal of one's 'ingredients' plays an important part in the methodology of his working practices.

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