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Utopia Now

With Remo Rauscher and students from Hagenburg Technical University.

(And Kathi Lackner's voice)

Additional thanks to Jürgen Hagler

Crossing Europe, Shorts, Linz.

Winter 2016.

Bunn was invited by Remo Rauscher to share his ideas about utopia to a group of students studying at the technical university in Hagenburg, Austria, for a stop-frame animation class. He delivered a sweary rant about the things that had him fired up at the time, when his research was still in its early stages.

Without further input from Bunn the clips were developed and produced. What was missing was a thread to pull it all together.

Remo came back to Bunn with a draft of a script he had written, with his voice playing multiple characters. Together they bashed the script about some more, re-recording it and restructuring the film sequence somewhat. Here is the result.

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