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BUNN's Amazing Pot Museum

MIR, Linz. May 2014

Thanks to Frank Louis, Lynne Hobaica and all at the Plastische Konceptionen department, Kunstuniversität Linz

Photos by Gregor Graf and Kathi Lackner

This work is intended to provide entertainment, amusement and deep thought.

A string of stand alone and interdependent sculptures, some of which interact with each other and/or the participants. The ‘pot on the plinth’ format expands the work Bunn started with Me the gang, of depicting existential aspects of person-ness, this time through the age old and somewhat redundant classical art form of The Pot.


Though these pots are not really finished, they are more becoming...

The first public showing came with this list of possible titles:

Proposal for a NewPotMuseum v.1

BUNN’s Amazing! Pot Zoo #1

3 – You are: What goes in, What stays in, What comes out again

• A play on: light, sound, wood, metal, clay, water, movement, scale & gravity

Five. Deep thoughts about knowledge

:)) a joyous expression on the delights of doing and experimentation

vii) 5 people doing stuff on different planes of existence in one room

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