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Between the website, master thesis, conference presentations, performances, translations, text corrections, stories, teaching and all that, I've ended up doing quite a lot with words as well as with things. Perceiving a review shaped hole in the local Linz art scene and feeling the need to procrastinate further, I thought I would try adding reviews to my list of wordy endeavours.


Art can be a lonely business. I often try to avoid this by doing projects that involve working with others. But loneliness can strike from many sides. One of my least favourite aspects of making art is the sometimes complete void of silence post having-slogged-my-guts-out over a project. Even if you are lucky enough to show a work somewhere, the press is often silent, brief or worse, boring.


Of course, this might just be about the quality of my projects. Regardless, I know I am not alone in this.


Therefore, this is my attempt to give a little back to the Linz art scene, in the form of reviews (written in English) that describe things I have seen in this fair town, where things supposedly begin.


It is not comprehensive. I don't get out much.

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