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A science fiction sitcom pilot - work in progress  (trailer coming soon)


COMRADES is an idea I've had floating around for a long time - to make a science fiction sitcom like Friends, but set in a shared, positive future. In 2020 I was granted some funding by LinzimPULS, a förderung from the city of Linz, to explore the idea. As usual, I went way over the top for the money they gave me, but I figured if I was going to have a go at this idea, I should have a go properly. I was massively supported by Reini Zach, without whom the project would not have been technically possible. 

I wrote the script in 2021. I recieved a lot of help with the script, most notably from Jim Howieson and Tom Pegg. Then, with Reini's help, we approached the Medien Kultur Haus Wels, who kindly agreed to support the project by hosting us in February 2022 to bulid a set and film the 'pilot', using their camera, lighting and computer equipment. We then spent most of the rest of 2022 syncing, editing, doing extra shooting, adding special effects, sound effects and so on, until the film was pretty much finished.

The flim is a coming together of lots of my different experiments over the last 6-7 years. Because of the very limited budget, and my limited pexerience, although we did well, we could have done better.As with many of my works,  I see the film as a draft that could very be improved upon in the future, with more cash, people, resources and experience.

Here`s some blurb about the project, of the kind that films are supposed to have:

COMRADES is a science fiction comedy about five characters living inside of a sentient, living building in a positive, shared, care-based utopian future. It is the year 2250. Their lives are made more complicated with the arrival of a package containing a frozen trillionairre from 2049. He wants to gain power, but always finds himself thwarted by the people or the system.

COMRADES is a show about imagining radical solutions to the problems of today. Imagining a future where the problems of today (wealth inequality, climate breakdown, false information, rampant capitalism) are positively resolved, but individuals still struggle with the same old problems – what to do with their life, how to find love, how to navigate power relations.

COMRADES is a show that looks at the world from a perspective that is rarely found in current mainstream entertainment – a positive, shared future.

Here is some additional info about the wonderful people who featured in the film:

STARRING (from left to right in image above):

Kalama Eric Sore, Lea Kronberger, Maximilian Bendl, Alexandra Nedel, Peta Klotzberg, James Brodie, Linda Luse

with COSTUMES by Angelika Daphne Katzinger, MAKE UP by Amanda Burzić, MUSIC by Tom Pegg and SFX by Sebastian Six


Kathi Lackner (voice), Sam Bunn, Xien Zheng, Lena Sophie Knapp, Daniella Odongo, Hess Jeon, Kristin Reiman, Sebastian Six, Lena Humer, Gabriella Gordillo (voice), Mohammed Farhad Hasan, Hansi Raber, Fransziska Wiener and Gerog Pinteritsch

Featuring artworks from Tom Marseiller, Nadja Schütz, Sophie Rieger and Georg Pinteristch

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