A science fiction sitcom pilot - work in progress (trailer coming soon, premier expected October 27th 2022, Medien Kultur Haus Wels)


COMRADES is a science fiction comedy about five characters living inside of a sentient, living building in a positive, shared, care-based utopian future. It is the year 2250. Their lives are made more complicated with the arrival of a package containing a frozen trillionairre from 2049. He wants to gain power, but always finds himself thwarted by the people or the system.

COMRADES is a show about imagining radical solutions to the problems of today. Imagining a future where the problems of today (wealth inequality, climate breakdown, false information, rampant capitalism) are positively resolved, but individuals still struggle with the same old problems – what to do with their life, how to find love, how to navigate power relations.

COMRADES is a show that looks at the world from a perspective that is rarely found in current mainstream entertainment – a positive, shared future.

STARRING (from left to right):

Kalama Eric Sore, Lea Kronberger, Maximilian Bendl, Alexandra Nedel, Peta Klotzberg, James Brodie, Linda Luse