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Me the gang

Chelsea School of Art and Design, London, June 2011

A sculptural investigation into the possibilities of the sculptural object and its position in space, with expressive tones.

'Me the gang' was a collection of work assembled during Bunn's time at the Chelsea School of Art and Design in London. It came about as a complete surprise to him and represents his first truly sculptural experiment. Starting out, he had intended to make films, but over a six month period found himself making more and more sculptures, derived from experiments, accidents, ideas about making films, chance observations and discoveries.

For the final show the best works were assembled into a kind of shop display - a jokey acknowledgement of the possibility of sale in such a prestigious institution and a self deprecation at the unliklihood of such a sale transpiring. The title, 'Me the gang', grants the sculptures a collective personality, a kind of schizophrenic autonomy. Bunn wanted to make explicit that they had all come from 'me', to voice the bond he felt to them, and to allude to the tradition of sculpture as depicting the human form. He sees each work more as a distillation of seperate characteristics than as a collection of individuals and laboured long and hard over a list of names to help express this:

i) Four Little Cubes ii) Cloud perspective iii) Noooooooooo iv) Untitled I v) Activation Disc vi) MCM vii) NEowwwwm viii) Untitled II ix) I can’t stop looking at Your Legs x) Excellence xi) Cool Blue xii) Untitled III xiii) Brick xiv) Heart Lift xv) Another Another Dimension xvi) Untitled IV xvii) An idea xviii) Another Dimension xix) Fancier xx) Untitled V xxi) METRO xxii) Leg (1-4)/4 xxiii) Cheese

Documentation of this work proved difficult due to the usual problems: limited time, lack of clarity in the moment as to what it was that had transpired, plus the difficulty of showing works that move or are designed to be used. Video was used for the first time to try and resolve some of these problems.

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