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Please Wait

Halka Art Project, Istanbul

February & March 2012

The inspiration for this work came from this (SLOOOW) light, illuminated by candlelight

A participant sips a beer that she got from the wall, pondering where to explore...

Please Wait was a working process that resulted in an interactive installation for up to 5 viewers at one time (more than 5 people would have generated too much work for the artist).

The audience were invited to enter the installation and to press buttons, each of which looked and was placed differently within one of two rooms.

The walls of the rooms were made from paper.

The output of each button was different, and was produced manually in real time by Bunn, working behind the walls.


To further confuse things, on entry each viewer was presented with a paper booklet, containing drawings that related to the exhibition. It was intended to operate as a dysfunctional instruction manual. Some of the drawings related directly to the contents of the exhibition, others were more loosely connected.

perhaps there is something in there...?


Later, though unsure why, she receives cake...

Please Wait was a play on the idea of give and take in an exhibition and in the modern world.


It served as a light hearted way for the audience to be able to interact more or less directly with the artist, and for the artist to be able to directly observe the results of his work.


It produced a large amount of giggling, several nice, deep conversations and generated problems and approaches that Bunn is still exploring.

(It was triggered by another participant)

One button produces praying hands

Another opens a deep hole in the wall

Having received a cube from one door, she tries to fit it into another

One button produces a visual sound effect through the paper wall

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