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Venus von Willendorf Bread - Enjoy one of our Chef's specialities: bearing unassuming objects through arduous physical and mental landscapes. Voluptuous paleolithic forms are offered to the four classical elements, deep in the heart of continental Africa. Each offering comes with its own unique set of flavours and feelings.

Main Courses

These dishes constitute the main body of the work. All aimed at the future, they take place in the here and now of our Chef's struggle to reach forwards with poor equipment and a misty mind. Try one to get a taste of his adventures.


A Spoonful of Sahara Sand - Served with an accidental side garnish of lost memory, this dish often underwhelms with its understated optimism. When a circle becomes a spiral, here's wishing that this dream could be made real, not out of oranges. You should drink alcohol with this one.


Flying Tyroller Hat - A literal word game plays itself out against a windy geographical feature that claims you as its descendant once and again. Accompanied by a brief splash of chat show fun, Scarlett Johansson and some confusion about advertising. Not good for the impatient eater.


The Magic Feather - Ancient African religion, wrapped with leaves of money and long explanations. A druid is born amidst bursts of colour and guitar playing. An ordinary flamingo feather becomes an extraordinary set of possibilities.


Miracle Spaghetti - A taste of question. Apples, lettuces, snakes - all cooked up together with a heavy garnish of metaphor and served as a reminder that the hand stirring is very much like your own.


The Maasai Warrior and Me - A flawed personal victory against capitalism. Chew on a young warriors confusion and the taste of artistic madness. A three sided photograph drizzled with rushed planning and power hungry attempts to express a certain post colonial flavour.


12 dag Bröserl (Muzungu in 100's of years of Shite) - Having brought Austrian racism with him on his travels, our intrepid Chef used it totally inappropriately out in the field. Watch him suffer and hear all his sides of the story.



Mystic Sand Glass Plastic Pyramid Lens Construction Thingy - Nobody knows what this one is, not even our Chef. But if you ever wanted to taste something cooked by four people at once, who are actually all the same person, then this could be the dish for you. Expect explosions.

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