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Welcome to the
Dinner with a Chimpanzee at the Cradle of Humankind Restaurant!

Our Chef says:

If Art is supposed to be totally useless' (Marcel Duchamp)

and 'Art imitates Life imitates Art' (Oscar Wilde)

then doesn't that mean that if the art that is feeding life is useless,

then the life that's being fed becomes a bit more useless too?

But life isn't useless, even if it seems so sometimes.

It's the most important thing we've all got.

So being an artist who is only allowed to make useless things sometimes seems a bit stupid

Therefore I made my experiences in Africa into a kind of T.V. movie

Because you're allowed to talk about all sorts of things on T.V.

And artists are allowed to do what the heck they want including trying not to be useless

Of course whether they succeed or not is a different matter entirely

Enjoy your meal x


Union Jack Underpants - Meet the artist. An origin story with a dash of politics and religion, seasoned with the four classical elements. Impossible to eat as a solo dish.


These dishes have been cooked up to help you grasp what the hell is going on here. Taken together they will leave you with a better understanding of the point of this whole endeavour.


The Truly Spiritual Backpacker - Meet the backpacker. A smørgersbord of preparations and packing, real and imaginary. Served with a side of international airports.


Wild Chimpanzee's Dream Pot - Served with suggestions for table talk. A taste of the elsusive chimpanzee, a whiff of romanticism, a swirl of 2 million year old, vintage starlight, PLUS saxophone.

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