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Redirected Hallstadt Salt - A simple song from the Chef to his native land. Through careful seasoning he implores: "You started this mess, now turn your kitchen around and face in the right direction for once - into the future!"


Things for afterwards. How does a conclusion taste? Our Chef reflects upon the future and on what he has learned through trying to meet the chimpanzee.


Blue Lycra Breakout - Wrap your tonsils around the taste of the future in this wistful blend of aerobics workout and grasping vision of a monochrome, socialist utopia. Recommended for the lost and confused of the 21st Century.


African Figurine Surprise - Wanna see how our Chef defeated capitalism? Look no further.


Ancient Fire - Finishing as every good menu should, on an optimistic note. This dish should warm the labyrinth of your heart and still you with the drive to carry your stomach positively before you as you too strive to make the world a slightly better place.

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